Dog Bone Cake
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Doggie Bone Cake


Our bone-shaped cakes are hand made, fresh baked and carefully decorated. This process takes a full 48 hours to complete. Please allow 2 business days for orders to be ready for pick-up or to send. Our cakes are currently available in 3 sizes and 5 flavors. We only use human grade ingredients in our products. As we care about the health of your pet, we do not add any salt, artificial colors, by-products, chemicals or preservatives.

Ingredients:  Spelt flour, eggs, oil, baking powder, with apples, blueberries, chicken, cinnamon, sweet potatoes, molasses, liver or peanut butter… depending on your cake flavor selection.

Icing Flavors: Carob (dark brown) not recommended for covering the cake as it sometimes develops white streaks when it cools, Peanut Butter (light brown), Yogurt (white)

Writing flavors selected from the icing flavors.

Remember: please allow us plenty of time to bake and decorate before we box it up and send it to you!

As of March 4th, 2019, we’re trying a new order form. Click here to try out the new order form and order a cake!

or… call 770-534-3843 and speak to a human about ordering a cake for your sweet doggie.

OR do BOTH! That way we can be certain our order form is working appropriately.